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Lately, I’ve been very fascinated with serverless architecture because of its potentially infinite scalability without the need to configure a whole infrastructure. After some tinkering with the Serverless-Framework and AWS Lambda, I came across Cloudflare Workers and that changed everything for me.

Why I moved on from Serverless-Framework

Serverless-Framework is a great way to transition an existing project into the serverless world, but it comes at a cost. When you’re trying to serverless host an express.js project using Serverless-Framework it adds a wrapper to make it compatible with the platform of your choice, which adds code and increases load time significantly (at least from my experience)…

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First of all we need a server, this can be a VPS like an AWS EC2, Google Compute Engine, DigitalOcean Droplet or even a Dedicated box somewhere in a datacenter, but the latter would definitely be a bit much for our purposes.

Then we need to pick an OS, for this tutorial we’re using Debian 10, but it should be more or less the same for Ubuntu.

SSH into the server and we’re good to go.

Make sure it’s up to date

Before we get to installing the software we need we have to make sure that our server is up to date by running the…

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